Two of Twelve
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About: I see the truths that float past you in the stream. I see the patterns, I see the plan God has for us all.

independant Leoben Conoy / Battlestar Galactica RP blog. Will RP with anyone, from any fandom.

I am a cylon, a so-called synthetic lifeform who appears, by all accounts, human. I bleed, I sweat, I feel emotion, I feel it more than you. I love an angel, I thrive on the light and fire that burns within her and will never cease to fall into her steps. She, in the form of a woman, is the reason I am here. My purpose is to serve her purpose, to show her God's plan.

Run by morinth / betty

drabblings / Starbuck logs

Be forewarned, this mun adores Kara & Leoben - forever Karben
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I don’t believe we’ve met. My name is Leoben Conoy [he offers a genial smile].

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    Shae bites her lip as the man in front of her talks about his other woman. The one who hates him. Military. Strong,...
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    Her expressiveness, the range and motion and her question, draws a curious tilt to his head. He considers it and her,...
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